The Salvation Army

The Christian movement know as The Salvation Army was born in the slums of London in 1865 with the aim of uniting evangelistic preaching with practical support for the marginalised sectors of the population. Over the next few decades it grew with astonishing speed,so that at the death of William Booth, its founder, in 1912, it was present in over 50 countries. Today The Salvation Army is at work in over 120 countries around the world, showing constant attention and developing  appropriate responses to the multiple forms of contemporary need.

The Salvation Army's often tempestuous history in Italy began in 1887 in various major cities, including Rome, where the National Headquarters and the Social Centre are today located. The National Headquarters is responsible for ensuring that The salvation Army's operations in the various locations around Italy are carried out in accordance with the guidelines issued by London, while the Social Centre carries out a series of interventions in support of people in conditions of extreme urban poverty.

Thousands of people have found shelter in what for decades was defined as a “popular hostel”: thousands of life-stories have contributed to the development of a constantly evolving action plan which more and more moves beyond the satisfaction of purely primary needs towards the development of a social platform which includes multidisciplinary interventions in collaboration with local services networks.

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